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1 Guest: Good afternoon. May I check-in?

2 Clerk: Yes. Do you have a reservation?

3 Guest: Yes, my brother made the reservation for me.

4 Clerk: Under what name is the reservation?

5 Guest: Can you check Lopez and Gonzalez?

6 Clerk: What’s your first name?

7 Guest: Juan.

8 Clerk: Is your family name Lopez or Gonzalez?

9 Guest: Garcia

10 Clerk: Let’s start over. Under what name is the reservation?

11 Guest: Try Juan Santiago Matías Sebastián Mateo Nicolás Alejandro Diego Garcia Lopez

12 Clerk: I have it right here. Two nights in the Presidential Suite with a view of Empire State Building.

13 Guest: Yes. That’s it!

14 Clerk: The rate is $499 a night and it looks like you pre-paid on Hotels.com. I’ll need an ID and a credit or debit card for any incidental charges in the room, such as the mini-bar, room service or long-distance phone calls.

15 Guest: Here you go.

16 Clerk: Ok. Everything looks in order here. Please initial this paper in two places and sign at the bottom.

17 Guest: Ok.

18 Clerk: Here are your keys and a map of the area. Your room is on the top floor and the elevators are directly to your left. Do you need help with your bags?

19 Guest: no I’m fine, thank you.

20 Clerk: Ok, then take the elevator to the Presidential level, exit the elevator to your right and your suite will be the second door on the left. May I answer any questions for you?

21 Guest:

22 Clerk: . . . and have a good stay in New York, sir.