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When did something so easy become so complicated? It seems obvious that eating vegetables and fruits is the healthy wayeverybody knows it but very few do it. In fact, its quite difficult for most. Why are people panic buying toilet paper out of concern for the Coronavirus Disease? We should be focusing on building a strong immune system so we don’t get it. In March 2020, most of the grocery store shelves are empty but the supplement isles are untouched—fully stocked. Why is the solution that can protect us in this global pandemic left untouched? Because most of us really aren’t healthy. Responding to COVID-19 by buying toilet paper is a classic case of treating the symptoms and not the disease. Why are we scared of running out of hand sanitizer but not fresh beets and carrots?

The immune system is our own body defense to fight all disease and illness. How can we boost our immune system, to protect us from new viruses that are spread through the world and jeopardize people’s lives and we are all candidates to get it? Most healthy people won’t die from the coronavirus. Many unhealthy people with underlying health conditions will die from the coronavirus. Everyone would benefit from a protocol to boost the immune system for protection for pandemics like COVID-19, and overall health. Almost no one will benefit from another mega pack of toilet paper.

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Boosting your immune system through your diet typically isn’t enough because most diets require measuring and don’t provide the right vitamins and minerals for a truly healthy approach. And prescriptions for blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes weaken not strengthen the immune system. That’s why doctors say there’s no cure for those diseases because a doctor can not prescribe fruit and vegetables, he/she might say “lose some weight, it might help” it’s that easy? The answer is no.

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