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Alfredo’s Smoothie

For breakfast

1 cup of papaya
1/2 of piña
1 celery stick or 1/2 small fennel
1 nopal
1 lemon juice
1 grapefruit juice
Enough water to blend to taste

Blend and enjoy!

You can substitute this smoothie for breakfast. If you are hungry during the day, have some celery, carrots, broccoli and jicama with some lemon and chili powder. Always carry a bag of mix raw nuts and dry fruits. Have a handful if you think you want to go for unhealthy foods.

These tips will help you to lose weight and stop cravings for sweets.


Green Smoothie

For heavy metal detox

1 small green apple or half large one
1 cup of spinach
1/2 of lime juice
Small bunch of Parsley

Put enough water to blend. Do twice a day to detox from heavy metals, from foods like fish, environmental toxins, or simply  to enjoy it. Start with your healthy greens!

*If pregnant, avoid eating large quantities of parsley.